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A Myofascial Release Practice

Balancing the art and science of healing


Hargroder Physical Therapy was established in 2001, offering physical therapy treatment by a team of  therapists who believe in the body’s capacity to heal, utilizing a comprehensive Myofascial Release approach


Hargroder Physical Therapy is the only physical therapy practice in the San Antonio area dedicated to providing fully hands on, one-on-one treatment utilizing a comprehensive Myofascial Release approach (MFR). Our team of therapists integrates over 25 years of physical therapy experience, and views every treatment as an opportunity for continued growth and learning, both for our patients and ourselves.  

About Dianne PT, LMT

Dianne Hargroder has been a practicing Physical Therapist since May of 1989. Her initial years working at various inpatient and outpatient facilities offered experience with many aspects of adult neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation, with a special concentration in the aging and spinal cord injured populations. During that time, Dianne was introduced to Myofascial Release (MFR) using the John Barnes, PT approach, which focused the direction of the hands-on practice she was determined to provide. She began to see remarkable and undeniable results in mobility, pain and functional outcomes…with results far exceeding those from prior interventions. She quickly recognized the importance of offering this work to a larger scope of patients, and opened Hargroder Physical Therapy in 2001.

She has since directed over 20 years of time into ongoing educational seminars focusing on the MFR approach, teaching physical therapy interventions using this total-body approach of treatment addressing fascial restrictions presenting within the body that impede functional and structural balance and healing on all levels. The practice specializes in women's health, acute and chronic pain, and neuro and orthopedic challenges for those of any age. 

We believe that healing is more than about simply feeling better…it is about truly getting better.
— Dianne Hargroder


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